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Soft Wash Power Washing

Posted on 29 August 2012

Although power washing has become one of the most chosen methods for cleaning the sides of a home or deck surface, an alternative for some home owners to consider would be the soft wash method. With power washing you will find that the extreme pressure is not only going to be too much for certain surfaces, but in some instances can ruin, chip, or damage the paint, wood, or other sidings of your home or the deck. Due to the fact that too much pressure is exuded on such a soft or small location damage is more than likely to happen.

Soft wash is much gentler on the home than pressure washing.

In order to make sure damage does not take place, yet still get the powerful clean, shine and, finish you want at your home, the soft wash  should be considered instead. The way this method works is that a powerful chemical solution (pesticide free, mildew free, etc), is applied to the deck, or the side of the home, or any other areas that you are going to be cleaning. The solution is going to be applied through tanks that apply the solution very gently with low pressure pumps. Allowing the solution to sit for a period of time (will vary depending on what you are cleaning, and how dirty it is), lifts the dirt that is really stuck in. Once the solution digs up all the dirt, a fresh water rinse (similar pressure to a traditional water hose), will be applied to remove the chemical solution from the surface it was used to clean.

With this kind of washing method, you are not only going to see the same (if not better) results that you would with pressure washing, but you won’t run the risk of damaging anything. Due to the fact that no powerful pressure is used, and since the solution is free of harmful toxins and chemicals, you can rest assured that your deck or your home’s siding will look its best without being damaged. If you do choose this method for cleaning, you have to make sure you contact highly qualified professionals, as they have perfected the method, and have the right chemical solutions to ensure the clean you want to see, and the finest end result once they are finished with the job for their customers.

Whether you are preparing for a party at your home, or whether you just feel it is time for a full cleaning of your home, inside and out, the soft wash power washing method is the perfect solution to cleaning the toughest surfaces. Although it is not as well known as pressure washing in Delaware, it is just as effective, plus it is a much safer option, and is not going to result in possible damage to your home’s surfaces or contents.

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